Friday, July 4, 2014

Daily Thoughts 07/04/2014

Daily Thoughts 07/04/2014

This morning, I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library.

I have been reading more of The Zero Marginal Cost Society.  Jeremy Rifkin is describing a very different world that may emerge in the near future.  He is using ideas like the Intenet of Things, nearly free energy based on the concept of Moore's laws being applied to solar energy Is There a Moore's Law for Solar, a much larger more complex internet, the use of algorithms to replace people in jobs, and many other near term technological changes.

I put the book, Designing the Internet of Things by Adrian McEwen on hold.

I read a bit more of A Brief History of Seven Killings. I finished the first 100 pages.  Right now, I am reading about Nina Burgess who waits outside the house of the singer.  The singer is what is used for the name of Bob Marley.  It makes him seem more anonymous.

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