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Daily Thoughts 07/25/2014

The Letter, 1900, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Daily Thoughts 07/25/2014

On the way to work, I read some more of House of Outrageous Fortune.   Michael Gross on numerous occasions describes the differences in the way high end cooperatives and condominiums choose people to buy units.  In cooperatives, the board determines who will live in a building and is usually very exclusionary.  In condominiums there are many less restrictions.  Condominiums are more based on how much people can pay.  This makes for a very different clientele in expensive condominiums, more international, more new money, and more mixed households.

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook accounts this morning.  I checked the gift books and displays this morning.

There was a management meeting this morning.  We discussed a variety of issues including the different committees.  I handed in reports for the Grants Committee and the Planning Committee.  I try to make things short and to the point.  Other people discussed the Job Center Committee and the Local History Committee.  It was an interesting morning.

I was also asked to ask people what kind of training they wanted from the library.

I spent some time working on Passbooks for the career section.  Most of it was replacing older material.

The book, Writing Successful Technology Grant Proposals: A LITA Guide by Pamela H. MacKellar came in.

On the way home, I finished reading House of Outrageous Fortune. It was a very interesting book about real estate.  I also read some more of Dataclysm.  The book reminded me of how easily social media can get out of hand.  Big data analysis can reveal many things about you based on who you are connected to including your sexual proclivities, what you buy, and what you watch.  Social media can also go viral revealing things you have said and done with a slip of a keyboard.

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