Friday, July 3, 2009

Daily Thoughts 7/3/2009

Self Portrait of William Hogarth with A Pug Dog

Daily Thoughts 7/3/2009

Librarian temporary tattoos.

I am off today because July 4,2009 falls on a Saturday. It has been very relaxing so far. I watched The Librarian Curse of the Judas Chalice on dvd. The Librarian is a hero who works in a secret repository of mystical objects. He must retrieve mystic objects and prevent them from falling into the hands of evil.

This film was appropriately silly. The hero goes on vacation and gets pulled into a romantic interlude in New Orleans, Virginia. At the same time, he must recover the Judas Chalice which will resurrect dead vampires.

There are numerous historical references to Vlad Tepes and various cryptic gimmicks like a coin with a secret code on it to keep the story going. The Librarian makes references to things in books when he needs to show how he succeeds in a specific piece of knowledge. He even makes a reference to Houdini when he escapes being tied up.

This is an afternoons escape. It is a mix of adventure, heroism, and romance with vampires. There is no swearing, no explicit content, the romantic lead is well done and appropriate.

I am about half way through reading How We Decide. It is the brain science of decisions. Concepts like loss aversion, short term versus long term thinking, and high stress decision making are explained in terms of brain science. The book explains a lot about how decisions are made. I can understand exactly why I don't have a credit card now.


Anonymous said...

I havn't seen this one, must get it out. Spent yesterday watching old episodes of Buffy the vampire slayer, with the teenager who has just discovered it. Giles was always my favourite character, librarians as adventure heroes. Giles is a bit of a luddite though, with his aversion to computers, but it was some escapist fun.

Book Calendar said...

It is a three part series. This one was the last one in the series. I do have to watch the first two.