Friday, July 17, 2009

My Thoughts for 7/17/2009 (Spanish Language Books)

Benno Caspar Haurisius, Scriptores historiae romanae latini veteres, qui extant omnes, notis variis illustrati, Heidelberg: Haener, 1743

Daily Thoughts 7/17/2009

Library Journal is reviewing a number of titles from Criticas Magazine which specializes in Spanish language reviews. The magazine was recently restarted. There needs to be more review material which is easier to find for Spanish language titles as well as Portuguese language titles.

There used to be a bookstore in Manhattan called Libreria Lectorum. It closed a while ago. Now there is a website, . It is sad to see the old fashioned bookstores go. I used to walk past it when I was going to Roger's Time Machine to buy comics on 14th street. I would stop sometimes and look in the window.

I am thinking about what a friend said. He told me that once I bought an Iphone, I would never go back to using a regular phone. I should do it. He also asked me to open a Facebook account under my real name. I have a Linkedin account under my real name as well as an ALA Connect account. I am social networked.

I read some more of Say Everything on the train home. What I am reading about now is anonymous blogging. It reflects on my own experience writing this blog. I am in that semi-anonymous blogging zone. I learned about the most famous blogger who was "dooced" or fired for blogging about their job. I think my posts about my job are pretty uninflammatory. This book seems to also do a very nice job of touching on the different experiences prominent bloggers have. We just got a copyof this book at our library. The one I am reading now came through interlibrary loan.

I often request books through interlibrary loan because I am waiting for books as they come in for me. I can return and pick up books from the library very easily. It is one of the perks of the job. It is not that easy to run out of books to read, cds to listen to, or dvds to watch.

We put the express dvds in the new materials section today. A lot of them went out very quickly. I am also handing over my law responsibilities to my colleague.

I did a tour of the building for a new board member, going through many of the different areas in the building; reference, periodicals and newspapers, law, young adult collection, adult nonfiction, oversize adult nonfiction, large print, music cds, scores, dvd, audio, video, videogames, playaways, mezzanine (2 floors of closed stacks with many rare items), rotunda, job information center, computer lab, computer center, local history room, community room, childrens room, staff areas, maintenance, business offices, and administrative offices.


nitroglicerino said...

Thanks for that website for spanish readers. It's not easy to find good spanish books in regular book stores :)

Book Calendar said...

You are welcome. I am still looking at different places.