Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Thoughts 5/18/2010

Jan Baptist Weenix Portrait of Rene Descartes, Circa 1647-1649

Daily Thoughts 5/18/2010

I spent some time in the morning changing the layout and background of my blog. I am using Blogger in Draft which allows a variety of new features and upcoming templates to be used for blogs. It is a kind of beta testing tool for new features. http://draft.blogger.com/ . I am hoping that it makes my blog look better.

I also spent some time going over Bookletters http://www.bookletters.com/ with the childrens room so we could have some book widgets for the childrens area. Also, there are two new biography signs in the biography area. I am going to work with a colleague on creating a few dewey decimal banners to put up.

We are working on shifting in the storage area and I have started weeding in the short story collection. Things are moving along smoothly. Things are starting to look a little more organized. Tomorrow, I have the graphic novels club.

Guy Gavriel Kay has a new novel coming out Under Heaven which is a fantasy set in ancient China during the Tang dynasty. It should be quite intriguing.

Looking forward to going to the Book Blogger Convention on May 28, 2010 after the Book Expo America convention. http://bookbloggerconvention.com/in-the-news/

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