Saturday, May 8, 2010

Daily Thoughts 5/8/2010

Public Library, Chicago, Ill. Digital ID: 62063. New York Public Library

Chicago Public Library, Illinois, 1900 (From New York Public Library Digital Gallery)

Daily Thoughts 5/8/2010

I am planning on taking Readers Advisory 101, an online course from the American Library Association. It is a brush up, plus an opportunity to work on my skills with book clubs and other things like that. There is a textbook that goes with the course as well, Readers Advisory Service In the Public Library, Third Edition, Joyce G. Saricks.

Today has been relatively quiet. We had a professor come in and do an introduction to the law session this morning for about two hours. She talked a bit about the New York Jurisprudence set of law books as well as New York Digest.

I also spent a bit of time updating the current events display with books on subjects in the news. I usually read Yahoo! News to pick out quick topics like oil, Pakistan, India, Obama, Sarah Palin, health care, Google, Apple, and other subjects which make the headlines.


Walter Knight said...

We have two Carnegie libraries in my area: A small library in Centralia, Wa., and a larger one in Hoquiam, Wa.

The thing about these Carnegie libraries that makes them stand out is that they are in small towns, but were built on a grand scale a long time ago. Both are located in downtown areas, but because small town central areas are not blighted by urban decay, these old libraries are well maintained. The marble fireplaces and floors are kept polished, and they don't have bums living in them.

Someone should make a list of every carnegie library, I would visit them all when I go on vacation. I already make a habit of visiting old court houses. The best court house is also where I live, Montesano, Wa.

I once found a round court house: Lovelock, Nv. Look closely at court houses, you will notice that none are on a round foundation.

I visit ghost towns too. In the exact geographic center of Nevada is a ghost town called Belmont. Belmont has the only domed court house I have ever found in a ghost town. How cool is that.

You have a nice blog. I promise to visit once in a while. I like that photo of a fellow floating in the Dead Sea. I noticed while snorkeling at Cabo San Lucas that people float in salt water. That is real good for people like me who don't swim all that well.


Book Calendar said...

The library I work at is a Carnegie Library. It makes it very interesting.