Sunday, May 2, 2010

Daily Thoughts 5/2/2010

Art and Literature, William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1867)

Daily Thoughts 5/1/2010

I tried to read Bill McKibben, Eaarth. I found the writing to be very dry. I liked the ideas in the book, but the writing style seemed overly formal. I have put it down for a while. I might try to read it again later.

In addition to going to the Library Journal Day of Dialog, I have been invited to another library event, The Random House BEA Breakfast 2010, at the Random House building. There will be a number of mystery authors there, Matthew Gallaway – The Metropolis Case: A Novel (Crown)Alex Kava – Damaged: A Maggie O’Dell Novel (Doubleday)Michele Norris – The Grace of Silence: A Memoir (Pantheon)Theresa Rebeck – Twelve Rooms with a View: A Novel (Shaye Areheart)Karin Slaughter – Broken: A Novel (Delacorte) as well as free copies of their books. It should be interesting. These things are always nice to attend. The coffee is usually very good.

Instead of reading a book at the laundromat today, I read the Sunday New York Times in paper. I do this occassionally. In the New York Times Book Review, Isabel Allende has a new book, Island Beneath the Sea which looks quite good. I recognized a few titles which we had already ordered including Get Capone, The Secret Plot That Captured America's Most Wanted Gangster by Jonathan Eig.

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