Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily Thoughts 5/5/2010

Library of Congress Building, Washington DC. From postcard 1910 or before. Library postcards are a popular item. It is fairly easy to get postcards of old libraries. I used to see them when I went to flea markets looking for comics and old science fiction books.

Daily Thoughts 5/5/2010

The April 26, 2010 issue of Publishers Weekly is the Book Expo America issue. I made a quick pass through it today. I'll probably look at it closer a little later on. There was an interesting article on bookstores in New York. I was especially intrigued by Idlewild Books which is a bookstore focused on world literature and travel literature which is a very nice combination. I might go over to the shop to look at their books on learning foreign languages. This is the first time I have seen foreign language courses taught in a bookstore.

Today was a pleasant day. I had a chance to get my orders ready for next week as well as make a few suggestions to other people. We break up our ordering among a variety of staff and assign them different sections of the dewey decimal system and fiction.

I also spent some more time thinking about what I might be doing in the next few weeks.

On the train home, I finished reading Making Ideas Happen. This is a book trailer for the book. It is a piece of creative advertising.


Walter Knight said...

I love science fiction, but of course, I realize aliens do not exist. They are all make believe, you know, like ghosts, elves, and eskimos.


Book Calendar said...

I hope I never meet one, I like reading about evil ghosts and bad aliens but a close encounter would not be my cup of tea.

Walter Knight said...

The aliens in my books shop and riot at Walmart on Black Friday. I have a lot of fun writing about aliens.

But you're right. The first encounter would be scary stuff, because you could not be sure what to expect.