Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making Ideas Happen Overcoming The Obstacles Between Vision and Reality by Scott Belsky

Making Ideas Happen Overcoming The Obstacles Between Vision and Reality by Scott Belsky Founder and CEO of Behance

Scott Belsky is a very much a new media type of writer. He is the CEO of Behance which is a social networking platform for creative professionals. I took a look at the site and it is a shared image database of advertisements, designs, and illustrations. It is quite interesting to look at The site has a new media, trendy feeling to it which is quite catchy.

This book is about executing on ideas. It is focused on creative ideas from writers, artists, musicians, and others, but much of what is being said here can be applied to ideas in general. This book is not about how to create new ideas. It is about how to pick ideas which can be put into practice. It is very much a business management book.

What Scott Belsky is describing is a system to take action; you systematically create checklists of what actions you are going to take, sort and keep what you need to know to do it, and put ideas that you plan to do in the future in storage. It is not about taking lots of notes, or organizing things into files. This is not a traditional organizational schema.

The examples which Scott Belsky uses are of idea factories, people and companies that are both incredibly creative and productive. People like John Grisham, Steve Jobs, Chris Anderson, and James Patterson. Companies like IDEO, Walker Digital, Apple, Gizmodo, and Palm computing. The book is very new media oriented, specifically aimed at people who produce content both online and in print. If you read the magazines Fast Company or Inc., you would probably like this book.

This book does not say a whole lot about quality, but it does say a tremendous amount about productivity and how to get to "done." If you are a creative person who is interested in how to become more productive, this book could be quite useful.

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