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Daily Thoughts 10/23/2010 (The Night Book Mobile)

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Daily Thoughts 10/23/2010

I finished reading The Art of Non-Conformity.  The last chapters end with a couple of exercises in not doing things.  The first exercise is choosing what you do not need to keep.  I am going to give away some of my books, old clothes, old toys, and clean up some of the paper around the house.  The second action is choosing not to do certain things.  The habits which I could probably eliminate are playing video games and buying snacks.  I already am pretty watchful of how I spend my time.

The new website for our library is up.  It is much better than the old one.  The webmaster still needs to transfer some images over.  I did a little bit more weeding today.

We're putting together a bibliography on internet marketing.  This is for a class which is coming from the local chamber of commerce at the library.  We are going to use the cover art for each book and match the picture with the words for a dozen books.  Internet marketing is a very hot topic right now.

On the train home, I read The Night Bookmobile by Audrey Niffenegger.  I found it to be a beautiful, but very sad book.  It is partially about the dark places where books can take you; the escape they bring to people in sad places.  Although, it was a book about a bookmobile, and libraries, it had a very dreamlike quality to it.  It is not something which I really want to review. 

The art had a very kind of outsider art feel to it.  The kind of feel of someone who has raw talent, but very little training and a slightly different outlook on the world.  The librarian who ran the bookmobile reminded me a little bit of William S. Burroughs for some reason.  It does take you to the places you may have read or been.  There is a feel of the old world library in the book.  The place with red carpets, tall bookcases, and a kind of otherworldly charm.

I don't want to reveal too much.  It is a sad, beautiful, a bit disturbing, and bookish tale.

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