Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Thoughts 10/4/2010 (The Glamour of Grammar)

Victorian Book on Leather Couch, Quin Liam, "Pictures of Old Books," 2003

Daily Thoughts 10/4/2010

Some of the images at the beginnings of my posts are down.  New York Public Library Digital Gallery is working on it.  I also added some more links to my selected links list.  It is a steady process.

On Linked In, I joined the group, The Blog Zone, A Community of Bloggers.

I read some more of The Glamour of Grammar this evening.  I liked the chapter on the question mark.  He writes a bit about the band ? and the Mysterians.  "?" was the name of the lead singer.  He was a precursor to Prince.  I also am rather fond of the semicolon and do not think it should ever go away like some people. Roy Peter Clark makes grammar entertaining which is quite a feat.

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