Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daily Thoughts 10/3/2010 (Inactive Blogs)

Chi[cago] : Illinois WPA Art Project, [between 1936 and 1941].  This is a nice reminder that the public library is very much an American institution that exists for the purpose of self-education.

Daily Thoughts 10/3/2010

I spent a little time updating my links page this morning.  Sometimes blogs go inactive.  I am not always sure why this happens.  There are a few which seemed promising then stopped. I think I am going to add a list of blogs that went inaactive to my links page.   So far there are two to add, Alabama Bookworm, and The Genteel Arsenal. Maybe they will restart.

Gail Carriger's book, Blameless came out in September.  It should be an entertaining read.

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