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Daily Thoughts 12/19/2011

German school of the XVI century Book Oil on wood, 70.2 x 65 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

Daily Thoughts 12/19/2011

I spent a little bit of time this morning updating the library Facebook and Twitter account.  I got a call this morning to see if I wanted to purchase School Library Journal.  It circulates at my job.  I have been quoted in School Library Journal once. However, I have never been quoted in Library Journal.  You would think it would be the opposite because I work with adults mostly.  I also sometimes work with teenagers though.

I have been reading more of The Shock Doctrine.  Something that bothers me about these kind of books is the often distorted language.  Until I started reading some of the more leftists books, I had never heard the term neoliberal.  Apparently Milton Friedman is considered neoliberal..  It is the kind of political language which creates words like proledic and neoconservative.  Political words of extreme opposition and utopian ideology.

I am also realizing that trying to force utopian ideals into existing structures often causes terrible things to happen.  Pure ideologies have a tendency towards "creative destruction".  Oddly enough, when pure ideologies are applied to new economic structures they can be very beneficial.

Paypal was the result of libertarian ideals being applied to small financial transactions and Ebay was an attempt to create a "perfect market". These of course were divorced from existing political institutions which is a major plus.Of course if you are like I am and are into science fiction you hope one day people will be able to go off and start their own countries with little interference.  I am going off on a tangent.  A bit on sea steading.

 I watched the short class on Pitching Ideas and Products to Executives.  Being convincing is always helpful.

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