Friday, December 23, 2011

Daily Thoughts 12/23/2011

"Occupy Toronto" Library Yurt in St James Park, November 9, 2011 Photo taken by Anonymous00, Creative Commons 1.0, Universal Public Domain Designation

Daily Thoughts 12/23/2011

I have been reading more of The Life and Legend of Jay Gould.  Murray Klein is writing about Jay Gould's financial takeover of the elevated train lines in Manhattan.  There are still elevated tracks for the subway in Queens and Brooklyn.  I sometimes like looking out the windows on the way back from work at the rooftops and trees while I am riding the subway.

This morning I updated the Twitter and Facebook page for the library.  There will be as Special City Council meeting in Mount Vernon City Hall at 6:00 p.m on the budget. .  I am not going because of family obligations.  I am hoping that other people do go.

I spent some watching the Chinese Archives of World Heritage Series Confucius, Confucianism, and Confucian Temple today.  It was interesting learning about Master Kong.  Confucius taught all classes of people.

I also started reading The End of Growth Adapting to Our New Economic Reality by Richard Heinberg.  The author is arguing that the standard models of economic growth no longer work because of the cost of resource extraction and environmental damage.  His argument is one of limits to growth.

Of course if you are future oriented like I am, you might see that in another fifty or sixty years from now when people start mining asteroids and bringing back helium-3 from the moon, the limits might change.  But then, most likely I won't be around to see these things happen if they do happen.

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