Friday, December 7, 2012

Daily Thoughts 12/7/2012

Edouard Manet, Marguerite de Conflans, 1875 

Daily Thoughts 12/7/2012

I checked the library Facebook and Twitter this morning.  Sometimes when you are looking through Facebook, you find interesting things.  World's Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne.

This morning, I checked the displays and looked at some of the new books.

I also had an order placed today for some fiction titles.  I based it on items that had high circulation during the previous year.

Right now, I am reading some more library literature today, I am trying not to be distracted by the budget.  A book that looked like it might be a good read is The Travels of Marco Polo The Illustrated Edition edited by Morris Rossabi.

I am looking at Banksy You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat And If You Were Not You Would Know It.  It is a book of graffiti and protest art. The library has a very large collection of art books.

Library Journal sent me three advanced reading copies, Ghost Man by Roger Hobbs which is a crime novel, Child of Vengeance by David Kirk which is a novel about Miyamoto Musashi the famous Japanese swordsman, and The Andalucian Friend by Alexander Soderberg.  I always getting copies to possibly review or write about from Library Journal.

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