Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily Thoughts 2/9/2010

"Lev Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana", 1908, the first color photo portrait in Russia

Daily Thoughts 2/9/2010

This morning, I printed flyers for my programs. A gentleman who is helping me with the poetry program came by and picked up some flyers to distribute to different places, mainly the local churches. I also checked on the shelving projects and did some weeding of fiction. In addition, I did a bit of weeding in the 800s. I am almost done with the initial pass through this.

On the train in I read some more of The Talented Miss Highsmith by Joan Schenkar. There is a wonderful line on P. 56 which reads "These are the props of her creative life and she is never without them: a notebook, a fountain pen, a lit cigarette, a bottle-- and her tenebrious imagination." The writing very much has this feel.

I put another book on hold, Sleepers by Charlie Huston. It is a near future science fiction novel. This usually combines a strong suspense element with hard near future science fiction. It is a new genre. Spook Country by William Gibson is an example of this genre.

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