Saturday, June 24, 2017

Daily Thoughts 06/24/2017

Still Life With Fruit and Vegetables, 1914, Thomas Hart Benton

Daily Thoughts 06/24/2017

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning.

On the way to work, I read some of Leading the Unleadable.  A lot of this book is about how to communicate with people and listen to them so they will be motivated to work.  It is also about what is the baseline amount of work you should accept from people.  It starts from a premise that you should expect excellence.

I checked the displays and the gift books this morning.

We are going to have two programs today, a reading by Jennifer Kitses of her book, The Small Hours from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., and a Reading from the Journal Kaleidoscope which is made by the Senior Memoir Class led by Karen Leahy from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Karen Leahy gave two copies of the Journal Kaleidoscope to the library to be added to the collection.

I spent some time discussing programming today.  We are planning for an Author Fair which should be interesting.

I read some more of Leading the Unleadable.  Alan Willett describes how to rate people so they will perform better.  It is not about complaints, it is about creating changed objectives.  He also describes how to rebound from failed projects.

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