Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Daily Thoughts 08/30/2017

Still Life with Book - Roman Selsky
Still Life With Books, Roman Selsky, 1926

Daily Thoughts 08/30/2017

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I finished reading My Favorite Thing Is Monsters by Emil Ferris last night.  This is an incredible book.  The art work is unique.  It is drawn on what looks like a notebook meant to simulate the main character's Karen Reyes drawings.  The art goes from very crude to very refined.  Emil Ferris in addition to the story draws in comic book and magazine covers for horror stories.  There is a mix of black and white drawings and color drawings.  In addition to the stories, there are many references about art and drawing throughout the graphic novel.

I found the story lines to be quite striking.  They were quite dark.  The content is meant for adults.  There is sex, violence, and even a murder in the book.  This adds to the content.  The graphic novel was well worth reading.

I also read some more of Stellar Customer Service.  This book uses the words stellar, remarkable and other words to emphasize how to create superb customer service.  It focuses on the end user of the services more than the process of serving people.  Each chapter is by a different author.  There is an important idea in this book.  It is that technology does not replace excellent customer service.  People still need help from other people.

I checked on a few programs which are happening next week.

I am on vacation right now.

I finished reading Stellar Customer Service Training Library Staff to Exceed Expectations Edited by Mou Chakraborty.  The last chapter reminded us that customer service is built on teamwork, leadership, and positive interactions with patrons.

I started reading Information Services to Diverse Populations Developing Culturally Competent Library Professionals by Nicole A. Cooke.  Right now, I am reading about cultural competence, the ability to work with diverse populations.  The book opens with saying that the field needs more diversity and greater education on social justice.

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