Monday, October 24, 2011

Daily Thoughts 10/24/2011

Bodoni, Giambattista

Daily Thoughts 10/24/2011

I've started reading HTML, XHTML & CSS 6th Edition by Elizabeth Castro.  This is a more up to date version of the book, HTML For the Worldwide Web.  It is not the most exciting reading, but it is practical.  I also spent some time this morning on learning a little bit about HTML 5 and CSS.

The book Public Parts How Sharing In The Digital Age Improves The Way We Work And Live by Jeff Jarvis has come in for me to read.  I think it is a pro social media argument.

This morning I checked the displays and did a little bit of weeding. I also took some time to read the latest Booklist this afternoon and do a bit more weeding in the afternoon.

Today was a quiet stead day.

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