Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily Thoughts 10/17/2011

The curtain rises ... Contemporary plays and books on the Current Theatre.  Poster about contemporary works "on the Current Theatre," showing a conductor standing before an open theatre curtain. Date Created/Published: Chicago : Illinois WPA Art Project, [between 1936 and 1941]

Daily Thoughts 10/17/2011

I finished reading HTML for the World Wide Web this morning.  I am looking forward to reading more contemporary material.  I was talking to someone about web pages and Facebook at the laundromat yesterday.  He mentioned that most people just use Dreamweaver for their coding and leave handcoding of HTML and CSS alone.

I watched a little bit of instruction on Excel 2007 and Photoshop CS 5 on  Photoshop is something which is used for most image editing on the internet.  I thought I needed to brush up a little bit on Excel.  I use Excel mainly to organize lists, not so much for formulas.

I also renewed my membership for the American Library Association Today.  There is a new roundtable on the list of memberships, the Gamers Roundtable, Gamert.  I heard about it while I was at New York Comic Con.  In addition to video games, we have more traditional board games like Scrabble and a Chess Club at the library.

Right now, I am drinking a mix of chamomile, rosehips, and ginger to clear a cold.

There are a number of things which are being worked on. Mount Vernon Writers Inc.  is incorporating as a nonprofit, there is a proposal for a second computer class, and our social networking presence is growing steadliy.

I checked the Facebook and Twitter account this morning.

I am noticing that the American Library Association group on Linked In is discussing the concept of coworking in libraries.  We get a number of people who come in to work at our library including a computer programmer, a paralegal, a writer, and a few others.  A lot of people can now take their work with them. This is a post by Tony Bacigalupo from August of 2009.  Tony Bacigalupo is one of the founders of New Work City in Manhattan, New York  It is not a new subject.  While I don't necessarily see the lbrary as a coworking space, I do see it as a space where it is easy for people to work with laptops.

Tony Bacigalupo-- Every Town Has a Public Library

Web Bits

At Summit on NYC Libraries Seen as Crucial, but Questions About Electronic Access, Broad Constituency Linger. 

Amazon Signs Up Authors Writing Publishers Out of the Deal

CSS Paged Media Brings Smarts to the Web
This is an idea that makes sense to me.  It also makes it much easier to print and select web content.

Wikipedia Loves Libraries
I am not as much of a fan of Wikipedia as of Wikimedia which has lots of public domain images.  I thought this was interesting.

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