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Daily Thoughts 10/29/2011

Public library week--November 12 - 18 Your public library invites you to make its acquaintance : Open house all week : Always at your service. Poster for the Chicago Public Library promoting public library week.  Date Created/Published: Chicago : Illinois WPA Art Project, [between 1936 and 1940] 

Daily Thoughts 10/29/2011

This morning, I updated the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the library.  I also spent some time learning Microsoft Excel 2007 on

I finished reading Public Parts by Jeff Jarvis.  The book ends with some thoughts on transparency and government.  Jeff Jarvis is describing the recent movement to create more open government.  He is describing the technology of the internet as a tool which will fundamentally change society for the better.

Web Bits

I have been following the bits on libraries and Occupy Wall Street.  There is quite a bit out there.  Right now, I am watching as events unfold.  I find it rather interesting that there is a literary component with a poetry anthology, library, and book coming in December.  I am being a bit random and just pulling articles which I liked and seemed interested in.  Think of it as uncataloged browsing.

It looks like it could have some very interesting intellectual underpinnings. There is a sign that there could be some writing worth seeing soon.  I don't think that I will visit the physical site.  I know that Urban Librarians Unite has visited the protest site.

While I was reading through this, I noticed that the Twitter feed for the library went up on October 10, 2011 and the Facebook page went up on September 26, 2011, so the social media presence for the Occupy Wall Street Library is fairly new.  I can't really endorse them.  The thinking is still very loose and amorphous.

I also have questions about whether Occupy Wall Street supports entrepreneurship, microlending, more local manufacturing like the maker movement, creative forms of work like coworking, green business, and projects focused on community improvement through business.

New York Review of Books on Occupy Wall Street
Note the date on this article, November 10, 2011 about 12 days from now.

Occupy Librarianship: 5 Variations on a Theme

Why The Occupy Wall Street Movement Has Libraries

From Chomsky to the Onion: What's on the Shelves at Occupy Wall Street's Library

Intellectual Roots of Wall St. Protest Lie in Academe-- From Chronicle of Higher Education

Protesters Hone The Art of the Movement

Occupy: The Intellectual High Ground-- From The Guardian in London

Occupying Boston and Beyond, With Tent Libraries for All

For Quiet Moments Between Protests, a Growing Library
This is the third article I have found about the Occupy Wall Street Library from the New York Times.

Occupy Wall Street Book Coming In December

A Library Occupies The Heart of the Occupy Movement (From American Libraries)

Occupy Wall Street's Library Keeps Growing
I find it interesting there is a children's collection.

Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology

Occupy Graphic Novels
The theme of V for Vendetta seems popular.

Famous Writers Including Salman Rushdie And Neil Gaiman Sign On To Support Occupy Wall Street

The Eclectic Reading List at Occupy Wall Street

 The Occupy Wall Street Library (From The Rumpus-- It looks like a blog related thing)

As A Revolution Takes Root, A Library Grows

 The Occupy Wall Street Library
It looks like most of the major library publications have covered the Occupy Wall Street Library including Kirkus Reviews, American Libraries, Library Journal, and School Library Journal.

What are Occupy Wall Streeters Reading?
There it is, Publishers Weekly, now there are most of the library magazines I read.

Rad Ref at Occupy Wall Street
 Radical Reference has been around for quite a while.  My opinions are different than theirs.

The Occupy Wall Street Library-- from the New Yorker

The Library at Occupy Wall Street, The Peoples Library

The Press Release for the Occupy Boston Library

West, Jessamyn. (2011, October 25). The temporary autonomous library at Occupy Boston, an interview with Kristin Parker.

Nanos, Janelle. (2011, October 25). No Dewey Decimals in Dewey Square. Boston Magazine Blog. 

Tagholm, Roger. (2011, October 25). Star Books: Occupy London Protest Inspires Improvised Library. Publishing Perspectives.

Occupy Writers-- A Group of Writers In Support of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Libraries on Library Thing, Includes Catalog of Books In Library

The Flickr Photostream at Occupy Wall Street

The Youtube Video from October 10, 2011 on the Occupy Wall Street Library.  This is a link.  I am not embedding anything.

Occupy Wall Street, 26 Oct - The People's Librarian-- A second video

Lovelorn and Seeking A Bailout of the Heart -- A Little Poetry.

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