Sunday, September 2, 2018

Daily Thoughts 09/02/2018


Rotunda for the charters of Freedom at National Archives (NARA) building in Washington, D.C.

Daily Thoughts 09/02/2018

I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the Mount Vernon Public Library this morning.

I read some more of Crash Override.  I am reading about how Zoe Quinn started an organization called crash override to protect people from online harassement.  I am learning about how businesses do not always protect people from online harassement because of intimidation and other factors.

I finished reading Dot Journaling- A Practical Guide by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.  This is a short book, it is 90 pages and much of it is pictures.  It shows you how to organize your life while writing a journal.  There are yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily spreads which can be used to organize your time.  In addition there are descriptions of different ways to track your activities like dieting, finance, c or exercise.  At the same there are also lists of things like quotes, inspirational statements, meal plans, and other activities.

It also includes how to break your day apart to include both activities and daily writings.  This book is not so much an artistic journal guide, but a writing guide.  It still covers good pens, paper, post it notes, tape, and other things which you can use in a journal. This book was practical and useful.

I watched some more of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy The Great Courses on Hoopla.  I liked the content on medication management as well as how to create better habits for weight and health.

I checked the purchase alerts for items that were on hold.

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