Saturday, September 1, 2018

Daily Thoughts 09/01/2018

Stadtarchiv in Tirol - Eduard von Grützner
Stadtarchiv In Tirol, Eduard Von Grutzner (1846-1925)

Daily Thoughts 09/01/2018

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I read some more of Crash Override this morning.  I am reading about how people dogpiled Zoe Quinn and acted as a mob to attack her.  She got calls at home, hateful email, hateful posts, and diatribes against her.  Zoe Quinn describes the process of being attacked online.  She also describes how this moved to hacking attacks and social engineering.  The hacking attacks got access to her email, social media and blog sites where impostors would post nasty things about her.  She describes how this escalated into the real world where she was doxed or had her personal information spread all over the internet.  This can be used to order all kinds of things, setup fake accounts, and even attack a person in the real world by filing false police reports and false personal ads.

I watched a few more episodes of Cognitive Behavior Therapy The Great Courses.  The episode I am watching on Hoopla now is on Positive Psychology which is about how to feel excellent.

I started reading Dot Journaling A Practical Guide by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.  It is an e-book on Hoopla.  There are quite a few different organizational layouts for journals in the e-book.  I also placed several books on journaling on hold for me to pick up when I get back grom

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