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Daily Thoughts 12/18/2019

File:Edouard Vuillard - Ker-Xavier Roussel Reading - 713-1961 - Saint Louis Art Museum.jpg
Edouard Vuillard, Ker Xavier Roussel Reading, circa 1904

Daily Thoughts 12/18/2019

I went to the Digital Census Training this morning at the Westchester Library System.  There was a brief introduction.  Then there were two tracks.  One was for creating public access points for people to sign up for the census online.  The other was for community outreach and community building for the census.

My colleague went to the track for Community Support and I went to the track for Public Access.  The manual which we followed is online.

There is a Library Guide for the 2020 New York Census.

The manual which we used for the training is online as well.

It was an interesting discussion on the first census which will be online.  There are descriptions on how to set up chromebooks as dedicated public access points for the census.  In addition there are plans for using mobile hotspots for the census.

After the program I went back to the library and gave a copy of the manual to the director.

When I got back, I also checked the displays, did a little bit with ADP and checked some books in the mezzanine.

On the way home, I read some more of Behavioral Finance.  I am reading about how banks can use the psychology of the lottery to encourage people to save money.

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook.

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