Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/13/2010 (Coworking, Publishing)

Picture from Information Commons, University of Sheffield, UK, Author Markpeak,Creative Commons Attribution 3.0   I wanted to get a sense of what an information commons looks like inside a library.  It gives me a bit better idea of what might be going into the new Information Commons at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Daily Thoughts 9/13/2010

I went for a checkup with my doctor this morning.  Things are fine.  I'm just a little tired. 

I have been reading more of Social Media 101 by Chris Brogan.  It has given me a few new ideas.  I am probably going to adjust the banner at the top of my blog a little bit.  I decided not to review Common As Air.

I went by a place called New Work City which is in Manhattan .  They are a coworking space for the tech community in Manhattan.  The space just opened on September 1st, 2010.  They recently had a startup summit on September 10-12. The space is about twenty feet away from the Canal Street exit for the N and R subway line.  You go up a flight of stairs and you are there.  The place has an unfinished feel to it.  The front of the building has still not been filled with desks.  It is very new.

There were several small breakout rooms for conferences.  Four people were using one of the rooms as an office for a new startup.  There was a coffee urn.  The walls were mostly bare of art.

Most of the people using the space were sitting at laptops typing away.  I was met by a gentleman sitting at a desk.  I asked about internet access.  They have wireless access points and some dsl lines.  They are planning on getting some cable modem lines in as well.  It all appears to work quite well.  They will probably have more desktop computers and servers when there are more permanent people in the space.

The fee seemed reasonable $600 a month per person to use the space as an office.

I found the group because I was wandering around looking at MBStartups on Twitter  around eventually bumping into New Work City.

I got invited to a Publishing Business Virtual Conference and Expo on September 16, 2010 for free.  I am not quite sure what to do with it yet.

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