Friday, September 24, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/24/2010 (Ebooks, overdrive)

The Scott Monument in East Princess Street Garden in Edinburgh, a Victorian Gothic monument to Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. John Steell's statue, made from white Carrara marble, shows Scott seated, resting from writing one of his works with a quill pen and his dog Maida by his side. Picture by Ad Meskens.

Daily Thoughts 9/24/2010

This morning we had a general staff meeting.  It was a chance to meet the new president of the board of directors and hear a little about what was happening.  There was some discussion of retirement packages, a number of people were offered packages, holding a gala by the library foundation in the library, and our 156th anniversary as a library.  Our building was built in 1904, but our library was started much earlier in a local school.

We also have an exhibition of local artists in the rotunda.  There are a number of landscape paintings, abstract paintings, photographs, and pencil drawings their now.  We also have a number of books on display from our oversize book collection of art books.  The oversize art collection has books close to the date when the building was built in 1904.

I did some more weeding in the oversize 300s.

On Tuesday, I am going to a demonstration of the Directors Station for Sirsi Dynix which allows people to look at the statistics for usage in our library.  Hopefully, I will learn a little more.  I am hoping I can look at our statistics to be better able to choose what people use.

Also, I should be visiting a local library media center soon to look at the way they have their computers setup for Overdrive Digital Media catalog. I have also been noticing that patrons have been taking out dvds and watching them on the computers in our Job Information Center.

I am going to the Linkedin group meetup for Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content... this afternoon at the Landmark Tavern in Manhattan.  Hopefully, it should be very interesting.

Today was a bit challenging.  I like equilibrium.  The director commended me for helping clean up the collection.  The number of missing items has dropped considerably.  I also was complimented on the display of art books in the rotunda. There is stilll quite a bit to do.

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