Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/9/2010 (Common as Air, Fundraising, libraries)

Reading In The Study

Daily Thoughts 9/9/2010

Today has been very quiet.  I spent some time cleaning off my desk.  I usually end up with a variety of things on it.  Now it has that prepared for takeoff look again.  It is quite clean.  I also worked on a new flyer for our research databases.  The staff were collecting different bookmarks and marketing material for the business fair this weekend at city hall on Sunday.

I had my book chat today.  It went fine.  We were also discussing the final touches for the bimonthly report for the collection development and technical services department.  I am going to put in some of my orders tomorrow.   Other than that it was a very even day.

I usually plan on working on 2 to 3 projects every day.  More than that and it becomes too much.

Overdrive is going to start having comics from Marvel and Tokypop available as ebooks.  I think it would be interesting to try reading an ebook from Marvel.

I also like the description of the Birmingham Alabama fundraising campaign for materials.   They are using a combination of cards and postcards to raise funds for their materials budget. 

I read some more of Common As Air on the train home.  The author is describing how public domain creates a common space to share ideas and invention.  These ideas help everyone because they are no longer under commercial control.  He uses Benjamin Franklin for many of his examples.  Benjamin Franklin never patented his lightning rod, Franklin stove, spectacles, or typefaces that the created.  He left these things for the public to use.

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