Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/8/2010 (Howl! , Common As Air)

Michel Gobin, Young Man With A Candle, 1681

Daily Thoughts 9/8/2010

Today has been a pretty solid day.  The new bookmarks for starting a business have been put out.  I am working on creating a list of business resources for our community weblinks.  It is towards the end of summer, so we are taking down the display of cookbooks and putting up a display on adventure.  This would include mountain climbing, kayaking, travel, safaris, expeditions, and historical travel.  We have an oversize collection of books which include quite a few travel books. Many of these are books of photographs. The proper term for the size of the books is quarto.

I spent a little more time in the storage area.  We are having a gentleman from Book Wholesalers Incorporated come talk about any issues with implementing electronic data interchange.   One of the main advantages for us with having electronic data interchange with our catalog is that it allows us to notify people that items are on order and place holds for books before they come in.  This increases our circulation of items.  We are trying to get our circulation up.  The meeting went very well.  There will be a few things which I think will make things easier.

On another thought, Howl! is coming out on September 24, 2010 as a movie.  It kind of makes sense that the graphic novel drawn by Eric Drooker would also be coming out in the same month.  There has been a lot of material that is on Allen Ginsberg written recently.  Another book which we just purchased is The Typewriter Is Holy: The Complete, Uncensored History of the Beat Generation by Bill Morgan.

I stopped by city hall to drop off some bookmarks at the civil service office for Learning Express which is a database which has practice tests for civil service positions, professional skills, and GED skills.  It is the most asked for database at our library. There is going to be a business event at city hall this weekend so the business bookmarks were made just in time.

On the way home, I read some more of Common As Air by Lewis Hyde.  He is writing about the concept of public domain in the context of feudalism versus freeholders which is very interesting.  In monarchy monopoly control of the press was often controlled by the king. 

Tomorrow, I am going to try to do another book chat.  Hopefully, it will go well.  Everyday something is happening.

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