Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/22/2010 (Clementine, Audiobooks)

Poster "The camp library is yours - Read to win the war. You will find popular books for fighting men in the recreational buildings and at other points in this camp. Free. No red tape. Open every day. Good reading will help you advance. Library War Service, American Library Association." 1917 Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA C.B. Falls / American Library Association

Daily Thoughts 9/22/2010

I finished reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson this morning.  I will be waiting for Spook Country to come in soon.

We had a gentleman from Tantor Media audiobooks come to discuss his books.  We sometimes buy MP3 CDs, we are slowly getting them, many of the older cd players before 2005 can't play them, so we have to be careful getting them.  He also showed me a new format for classic literature.  It is a combined PDF file of a book on cd and cd audiobook.  This would be quite useful for assignment lists for the schools.  They of course dropped off a few samples.  One of them was John Buchan, The Thirty Nine Steps

We are also going to be doing more promotion focused on our collection tied in with programming.  This should be interesting.

The book, The Glamour of Grammar A Guide To The Magic and Mystery of Practical English by Roy Peter Clark came in for me to read today.

Today is anothe multi-event day at the library.  We had a class on Internet Marketing from the city Business Expo this afternoon.  One of my colleagues set up a cart of material for the Business Expo; flyers, bookmarks, and a selection of new books.  This evening we had the Womens Enterprise Development Center in the community room, and a computer class for Microsoft Publisher in the computer lab.  It takes a little patience to make sure everything is set up and ready before the people come.  A lot of it is meeting the people at the door and being polite while things are setup/

On the train home, I read Clementine by Cherie Priest it is a steampunk novel set during the American civil war.  It is very much the classic chase novel, where the hero wants something that has been taken from them and is out to get it back.  This makes both the writing and reading very fast paced. What is interesting to me is the setting,  I am seeing both gaslight fantasy and steampunk westerns expanding more into the old west setting.  It seems like writers are seeking to expand the steampunk and gaslight genre outside of Victorian England into other parts of the world.  It would be interesting to see some steampunk set in Russia or France.

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