Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/29/2010 (Spook Country)

Die Allegorie der Poesie, Raffael 1508 - 1511. Fresco im Deckengew├Âlbe der Stanza della Signatura, Vatikan,Kopie von H.-P. Haack,_Mosaik_von_Raffael.jpg

Daily Thoughts 9/29/2010

I finished reading Spook Country by William Gibson.  I noticed that every single book mentions steganography.  All the books are full of slightly masked details.  They Bigend Series also uses a mix of various acronyms for secretive organizations or law enforcement, the NSA-- National Security Agency (United States), DEA--Drug Enforcement Agency (United States), IXO-- Information Exploitation Office (Swiss), and many other organizations.

Today, I did a little more checking in the 300s, and had someone do shifting in the 800s in the storage area.
It was a quiet, pleasant day.

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