Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daily Thoughts 9/2/2010 (The Defector, Libraries )

Chimmie Fadden Major Max. Digital ID: 1543294. New York Public Library

Chimmie Fadden, Major Max 1911, From New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Daily Thoughts 9/2/2010

The ability to upload photographs was a bit buggy this morning, so I embedded a picture from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.

I have been reading some more of The Defector by Daniel Silva. It is quite enjoyable.  It is not that action oriented.  There is quite a bit of thinking in the novel.  The main character, Gabriel Allon,  is tracing the steps of a russian agent who defected to england and recently disappeared.  It has a steady pace with very nice details. The villain is quite plausible. 

I walked up to my local library on the way to get some fruit from the market and found it was closed.  Their hours are 1-8 today.   I'll probably stop by tomorrow.  I have a few days off and am in no hurry.

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Eesti said...

Successful series books depend usually on magnetic characters that pull you inexorably back, like a scent or flavor provoking a fond memory that has aged ever so gracefully. Gabriel Allon, the art restorer and preeminent Israeli secret agent is not that character, nor is any member of his entourage, but the vivid settings, the detailed plots, the covert mission planning details, and the action are more than enough to provide readers of this genre a compass point to which they can repeatedly navigate. This latest offering from Daniel Silva will thrill and captivate and will not disappoint.