Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daily Thoughts 11/14/2010 (Content Strategy For The Web)

Page detail from Medieval Book of Hours (1533)

Daily Thoughts 11/14/2010

During the last couple days, I have been reading through the board meeting minutes for my library as well as the board meeting minutes for the system.  It has given me a very clear picture of why we are having budgetary problems.  It has been very hard reading and understanding this material.  I wish people had been more conservative with their spending.  I can see at least four areas which could use improvement.

I also saw news about the cities budget where I work. The city is $11 million dollars in debt.  There is going to be a tax increase in the city.  Under these conditions, I can see how the library can be cut.  It is a matter of seeing how to make things still functional.  This kind of news is often hard to see or accept.  The budget is supposed to be officially released on Thursday.

I decided to stop reading The Master Switch by TimWu.  I found his thesis that communication technologies by necessity become controlled by benevolent monopolies slightly distasteful.  I also do not see the necessity of having monopolies on communications.  There are other options.  The central thesis of the book was not convincing. I put the book down after 46 pages.

Right now, I am reading Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson.  I already like the first chapter which says that you should have a single person in charge of your overall strategy for content and the web and you should not just use web tools because they are there.  Always ask why you are doing things on the web.  There is too much available.

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