Thursday, November 18, 2010

Daily Thoughts 11/18/2010 The Referral Engine (Downloadable Music)

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Daily Thoughts 11/17/2010

I spent some time this morning checking the displays.  I also did a little bit more weeding.

At the last collection development meeting, I was asked about electronic devices.  I called Naxos and Alexander Street Music to have them give us a trial period for their streaming services for music. I am going to be talking to tomorrow about their download service for libraries.  I believe there may be a strong interest in downloadable or streaming music at our library.

I also called Barnes and Noble about their Nook color device.  The advantage of the Nook color is that it would be good for childrens books which are in color.

There is a separate program by Sony specific for libraries.   This is a complete package with marketing materials and training.

The gentleman from SCORE counselors to America's small business came today.  We set up times for December.  It is going well.  I also took some time and printed up some more flyers for SCORE and the graphic novels club for next month.

Last night, I had a colleague look over my resume.  I also took some time to update my linked in profile; both my educational information and my job description. I also went back and updated my resume with more action verbs and a greater focus on being proactive.  I also learned that the ideal number of Linked In contacts was over 200.

There is going to be a union meeting discussing the budget on November 29, 2010.  It is bringing in the Statewide Vice President, the Westchester Local President, and other officials from the union.  This adds to the apprehension about the budget which is going to be announced today for the city.

On the way home, I read some more of The Referral Engine.  It has gotten more bearable.  The author is describing a very customer centric strategy.  He is focusing on how you create a unique value proposition where your business has something to offer that other businesses do not have.  The objective is to make your company stand out so people will refer your company as their first choice to others.  It deemphasizes advertising in favor of word of mouth.

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