Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daily Thoughts 11/6/2010 (bake sale, djibouti, al jaffe)

Self-made cartoon of Karel Čapek (1890 - 1938), Czech writer

Daily Thoughts 11/06/2010

I read a little bit of Djibouti by Elmore Leonard this morning.  It is very entertaining.  The author has an excellent rhythm to the writing with lots of vernacular expressions.  The scenes from the city of Djibouti in Somalia are quite interesting.  I also like the character Billy Wynn, the texas oil billionaire with his yacht and his elephant gun.

While I was looking through the new books, I picked up Al Jaffe's Mad Life by Mary-Lou Weisman.  It is illustrated by Al Jaffe with lots of cartoons.  Al Jaffe is best known for drawing cartoons for mad magazine.  Between October 5, 2010 and January 30, 2011, there is an exhibit of his work at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

While reading Library Journal, I came across a fairly interesting work, The Annotated Persuasion by Jane Austen ed. by David M. Shapard.  I think this will be an excellent addition to our collection.

The book and bake sale is ongoing right now.  I had a cookie and double checked the announcement for the sale.  There is going to be a bag of books sale at the end where books are $2 a bag; 10 books to a bag.  This helps clear out the room.  I always like these things they generate a lot of goodwill.

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