Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daily Thoughts 11/4/2010 (programs, the story of stuff)

Boston Sunday herald. The Bost... Digital ID: 1541049. New York Public Library

Boston Sunday herald. The Boston herald opera house next Sunday March 8th. (1893-1897)

Daily Thoughts 11/4/2010

Today has been another quiet, steady day.  I spent some time checking the displays.  We had the counselor from SCORE come in today to do small business counseling.  It is his first set of sessions today.  We have four people signed up for one hour sessions.  I also got a call for tomorrow to speak to a gentleman from the Association of Community Based Artists of Westchester who will be talking to me about doing a poetry reading series.  I have his book on display.

There is another meeting from a womans legal service.  We are providing some reading if they want to check out books on issues like parenting, domestic violence, and other things.

The book, The Master Switch The Rise And Fall of Information Empires came in for me to read by Tim Wu.  It is a business history book.

I read some more of The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard.  She is writing about consumerism and advertising.  Personally, I am not a fan of having a huge amount of stuff.  I also don't watch much television or advertising.  I do like things, but would rather own less and have it be better quality.  Part of her discussion is about planned obsolescence; making things so that they are easily disposed of.  She also talks about how shopping does not bring happiness.

Tomorrow is the book sale of the Friends of the Library.  I'll definitely stop by and have some coffee and look at the tables of books.

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