Monday, November 15, 2010

Daily Thoughts 11/15/2010 (Content Strategy)

Electricity for everybody. Digital ID: 1543314. New York Public Library
Electricity For Everybody. American Book Poster.

Daily Thoughts 11/15/2010

I've been relaxing a little bit. I read some more of Content Strategy for the Web which is turning out to be a framework for what should go into a website, how to determine who is responsible for the content inside a website, and how the content should be managed. The information architect provides the framework, the content strategist puts the information inside the framework. At least, that is the way the book is describing it.

One of the ideas from this book that caught my attention is that we are all publishers the moment we put words up on the web.  We need to pay attention to the words which we put up on websites.  They need to be chosen with care.

Web Bits

Digital Underclass? Only If We Allow It.

Ebook Market Surges to $1 billion dollars from Mashable

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