Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daily Thoughts 1/2/2011 (On Media Conference, Crunchbase)

Standing panel, detail: St. Lawrence of Rome, hand with book, Heller Altarpiece, Between 1509 and 1511

Daily Thoughts 1/2/2011

I spent some time looking through Crunchbase which is a free directory of technology companies. are quite a few companies that are publishing oriented like Rethink Books, Wattpad, Ookabooka, Bookbrewer, and Open Story Board.  I have not really looked too closely at the individual companies yet.

I also found out where venture capital and media meet.  There is a conference called OnMedia NYC 2011 which focuses on wall street and media.

I have been reading some more of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. Right now, I am reading about how to label sites.  It includes how to choose words by using surveys as well as keyword analysis.  It has a formal feel to it.  I am learning how informal the metatags I am using for this site are.

I applied to a job at Google tonight.  I have been applying to a few places here and there.

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