Monday, January 3, 2011

Daily Thoughts 1/3/2010 (Mycomics, ebooks)

Rembrandt, A Scholar Seated At A Desk, 1634, Oil on Canvas

Daily Thoughts 1/3/2011

This morning, I checked the displays and spot checked the shelves.  I also pulled a few graphic novels for the graphic novels club next week including Sophie Crumb Evolution of a Crazy Artist, Edited by S.A. and  R. Crumb.

I also printed up a flyer for a library tour which I am doing on January 25, 2011 as well as a new flyer for the graphic novels club.  Once you do a couple of flyers, it becomes easier because you can create a template for future flyers.

On the way home, I read some more of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. The section I am reading is on indexes, sitemaps, and other forms of organization.  The authors mention tag clouds and visual representations of the web.

Web Bits

This is the kind of article and app that makes we want to get an Ipad.  It is about a new comics application for Ipad.  I especially like the background with the bookshelves.

Open Book: The year of the printerruption in the e-book age from the National Post.

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