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Daily Thoughts 1/6/2010 (Information Architecture, Google Docs, library songs)

"Cutting and Holding the Feather" from: Johann Stäps: Selbstlehrende Canzleymäßige Schreibe-Kunst. Leipzig 1784

Daily Thoughts 1/6/2010

This morning, I read some more of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web.  I was reading about researching the site architecture for as site.  The writers were writing about usability and gathering information on websites.  They briefly wrote about tracking website statistics and how to do user surveys. On the way home, I read about the context of strategy in web sites.  This seemed a bit nebulous to me. They used terms like metaphor and imagery.  It wasn't concrete enough for me.

Google Docs can be used to make web surveys.  How to make Forms, Surveys, and Quizzes in Google Docs  It is a very nice

I spent some time talking about databases with a colleague.  I also did some weeding in the paperbacks today.  We are thinking of working on labeling and inventorying the storage area or mezzanine.

In the afternoon, I wrote the bi-monthly report with a colleague for the collection development and technical services department. We usually include some marketing materials with the report as well as statistics on items being added and deleted from the collection.  I still plan on doing some more weeding in the storage area or mezzanine.

I have been reading a little bit more of I live in the future and here's how it works.  Nick Bolton describes a new type of consumer that is more driven by immediacy than quantity or quality.  His term is consumnivore.  I find it to be mildly perturbing.  The consumnivore seems to graze in the land of social networks where the popular material is touted as the most buyable.  It reminds me of the idea of "romantic consumption", where positive sensual emotions are tied to buying consumer goods. It is a bit too hedonistic for my liking.

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Songs about the library.

Wikipedia songs that retell a work of literature

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