Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daily Thoughts January 9,2011 (library renewal, quora)

Kenneth Whitley, Sept. 7 1939, Works Project Administration poster from the Library of Congress.

Daily Thoughts 1/9/2011

I finished reading Information Architecture for the World Wide Web this morning.  I also read a bit more of I live in the future and this is how it works.   There were a few ideas that caught my attention; 85% of twitter is links to news articles, and most retweets eventually reach 1000 people.  I like this.

Library Renewal is an organization that supports getting more electronic content into public libraries.  This is more than books; it includes all kind of content, books, video, images, and other content.  They want to see a greater ability for public libraries to be able to handle this kind of material as well as different electronic devices. 

Please join this movement.  It is at least a symbolic attempt to modernize libraries.

I joined  which is a question and answer network.  It looks a little bit like Twitter.
I'll see if it has any use soon. 

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