Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daily Thoughts 02/14/2012

The office and library of the Austrian industrialist Nikolaus Dumba in his Viennese residence Palais Dumba, 1877 Rudolf Van Ritter.

Daily Thoughts 02/14/2012

I am listening to Marc Eliot narrate American Rebel.  He is both the author and the narrator.  He adds a quality of both salaciousness and captivating rhythm to the story.  Right now, the author is talking about Clint Eastwood in the television show Rawhide.

I updated the library Twitter and Facebook pages.  We have lots of programming today.  We have the Biography Book Club, William Bowden reading from his poetry book Soul Sisters Sonnets II, computer classes, a bilingual Spanish/English storytime, and the College to Careers Program.  It should be very busy.

I checked the displays and gift books and made an announcement about programs today.  The book, A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss with an afterword by Richard Dawkins came in for me to read.  As usual, I have too much to read.

The poetry program by William Bowden was fantastic.  He started by talking about what Mount Vernon was to him and growing up.  He gave a bit about his experiences with the Mount Vernon Public Library.  He even had a few poems about education.  Then he segwayed into a series of love poems, poems for his wife, and valentine poems which were very nice. It was excellent.  He read poems from his books, Soul Sister Sonnets and Soul Sister Sonnets II both of which he self published.  He is also a member of the Mount Vernon Writers Network.

The next poet which we are having is Bimpe Fageyinbo http://www.bimpefageyinbo.com/i-write.html

I was too busy to get a chance to read the latest Library Journal and New York Times Book Review which I will get to tomorrow.

On the way home, I started reading The Lean Startup How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries. It is about how to be innovative in a way that supports customers.  The objectives seems to be to quickly find out what people want then make it for them.  I have been hearing a lot about the idea, but this is the first book that I have seen that explains it.

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