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Daily Thoughts 02/23/2012

John Lavery, Miss Auras, circa 1900

Daily Thoughts 02/23/2012

This morning, I updated the library Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I also bought a copy of What Color Is Your Parachute? 2012 by Richard N. Bolles. Because it is an instruction book with lots of questionnaires, I wanted a copy so I could write in the margins and fill in the pages.

I spent some time this afternoon reading What Color Is Your Parachute? One of the things which the author reminds people is that Google is your resume now and you want to make sure your information on social networks is as complete as possible.  I am going back to look over my networks today.

It was interesting looking at what was on Google.  I think I might have made one risque comment on banana guards, but that is about it.  I found listings for Meetup, Scribd, Quora, Visual CV which I hid, Huffington Post, Digital Book World, the Content Strategy Meetup, and the NYC Taxonomy Community on Meetup.

I also spent a little bit of time cleaning up my Linked In profile.  Maybe some more people will look at it.

I have started doing the career and personal assessment exercises in What Color is Your Parachute.  I get a sense that I like working with books and information.  What I don't seem to like is the increasing instability in libraries that exist because of funding troubles.

This is a question which I asked on Linked In.

I am thinking that the number of people who have easy access to e-books has grown tremendously.

29% of people have tablets and e-readers.

Another 35% own smart phones which can function as reading devices.

78% of Americans now use internet broadband according to pew.

The question then becomes what percentage of people are loading e-book software onto their personal digital assistants. Also, who is loading software for e-reading onto their personal computer like the Nook for PC application, Kindle for PC application, or Overdrive Media Console.

If 30% have dedicated e-reading devices and you hazard that people might prefer to read an e-book on their laptop or phone, would it be close to 50% of people having e-reading devices or software. This is a wild guess. Any thoughts.

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