Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bitter Angels by C.L. Andersen

Bitter Angels by C.L. Anderson

Field Commander Terese Drajeske works for the Guardians a  special wing of the united earth government. Her job is to prevent wars from happening throughout human space. The philosophy of the Guardians is one of precise use of force.

This means that there is quite a bit on nonlethal methods of combat like glue guns, ambush tactics, fear, and focused  controlled fighting in combat. They also preempt fighting with espionage and political tactics.

The Erasmus system where the story takes place is a kind of slave state. People are controlled through a combination of debt bondage, control of essential resources like water, inherited position and holding family members in bondage, and government surveillance.

This book focuses on soft power. Ways to control people through intrigue, political manipulation, economic repression, and slavery. It is a combination of military science fiction and espionage.

The story is not predictable, has many twists and turns and does not end the way you might expect. It is also very emotionally dark.  I liked this book  because of the complex story. This will not agree with everyone. If you are looking for a traditional military science  fiction story or space opera, you may not like it.   I picked up the book because of a blurb on the cover by Linnea Sinclair.

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