Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daily Thoughts 8/4/2010 ( yahoo, literary tea )

Harper’s August Digital ID: 1131229. New York Public Library
Harper's August 1898
Daily Thoughts 8/4/2010

Today has been a steady day.  We talked about doing a "Literary Tea" for our end of Adult Summer Reading program where we would serve tea, cookies, small sandwiches, and fruit.  The Friends of the Library would be there to help.  People will sit and discuss the books they read during the summer.  Then we will hold a raffle for a bag of books and goodies for those who participated in the Adult Summer Reading program.  It should be interesting.

I spent some time going through my orders, reading Library journal and Publishers Weekly,  and looking over grant materials.  There is a preservation grant from New York state which might be worth doing. 

I also put the book, The Outlaw Josey Wales by Forrest Carter on hold.  It is the book which the film starring Clint Eastwood is based on.  I sometimes like reading a good western.  The paperback was released in February 2010.

This morning while I was on the train, I read some of The Yahoo! Style Guide.  There are numerous exercises on how to determine what your ideal user is.  This is a sample of a model user. I wrote it for both entertainment value and what I think a user might be like.

  • Name: Adam Finney
  • Age: 40
  • Gender: Male
  • Education: Bachelors with some works on an M.F.A. in creative writing.
  • Family:  Married with one child.
  • Hobbies: Likes to read, build toy robots, draw comics, and blog.
  • Work: Works as a production manager for a publishing house, sells toy robots on ebay.
  • Technology:  Very technically savvy, has fiber optic internet, wireless laptop, smart phone.
  • Disabilities:  The reader wears glasses and has an anti-glare screen for his computer, his eyes are light sensitive.
  • Web savvy:  The reader can put together a wordpress blog, participates in social networks like Book Blogs on Ning and Facebook.  His family is listed in Facebook.  His wife coauthors his blog.
  • Business or Personal Goals: The reader hopes to start a small business combining building toy robots, comics, and books.  He has trademarked a couple of characters for the business.  He is also probably setting a goal to read 24 books a year and improve his writing skills.

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