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Daily Thoughts 8/7/2010 (Mental Health Naturally, ebooks, Friend or Follow )

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Daily Thoughts 8/7/2010

I am reading Mental Health Naturally The Family Guide to Holistic Care for a Healthy Mind and Body by Kathi J. Kemper, MD, MPH, FAAP.  The approach of this book is very much complementary medicine using both holistic approaches and contemporary medical approaches.  It reminds us to exercise regularly, sleep for at least seven hours, and eat locally grown food preferably that is organically harvested.  Right now, I am reading about the benefits of taking different vitamins.  The author reminds us that the vitamin industry is not as well regulated as the food industry and claims are not always accurate.  I am finding the book to be fairly practical. One of the reasons I am reviewing this book is that there are not a lot of reviews for books focused on psychological health.

Last night, I tried the website, for Twitter which allows you to look at different ways people are following you on twitter.  It helped me identify who I was following me that I wasn't following.

I learned that Dorchester Publisher is going digital for most of its paperbacks.  The article is a little misleading.  It says the paperbacks will now be available for print on demand as well.  This is very much the wave of the future.  The book starts as a digital document, then if you want a hardcopy, you request a printing of it on demand.  It makes sense.  Dorchester makes one of my favorite series, the Hardcase Crime paperback imprint for hardboiled mysteries.  Hopefully we will still be able to get this as print on demand.

Cherie Priest has a new steampunk novel called Clementine coming out which should be enjoyable.  I liked her last novel, Boneshaker.  The pace of her novels is very fast with lots of action.

Camden New Jersey will be the first library system in the United States to close all its branches.  It reads like the barbarians at the gates.  We have to sell all the books because they are a fire hazard.

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