Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daily Thoughts 8/12/2010

A cartoon from Drawn at a Venture by Fougasse (1922)

Daily Thoughts 8/12/2010 

Today has been quiet and steady.  I put up some of the shelf talkers.  I will wait and see which people like them.  One of my colleagues opened a Library Thing account for our library which should be interesting.  It was fun adding a little bit about our library to the site.  It is a bit different than Goodreads. 

We are also cleaning up a section of the storage area.  My job is to mainly get a few things out of the storage area.   I also spent some time discussing the bimonthly report with the director.

We also had an open book discussion for people to discuss what they were reading during the summer.  It was interesting and a bit different.  I think it will turn out well.  We are going to do another one next month in September.

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