Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Thoughts 8/16/2010 (book communities )

Ständebuch & Beruf & Handel & Buch & Buchhandel, 1698, From Deutsche Fotothek
Daily Thoughts 8/16/2010
I finished reading How To Write A Business Plan, 9th Edition by Mike Mckeever.  It shows that I have to do a lot more research before I do anything else.  I have ideas, but they need clarification.  I also may have to learn some more about web design and programming.  Joomla and Drupal don't look that easy.

I am reading The Outlaw Josey Wales by Forest Carter.  It is very much a classic western.  It is the basis for the movie starring Clint Eastwood.

I am looking at book communities.  There is Redroom which is a little bit literary, Book Blogs  one of my favorites, Shelfari  this catches some librarians attention,  Goodreads which is my favorite so far, Librarything, my library belongs to this , Bookcrossing which allows you to register then release books I am a member now, I just joined and looked at which is interesting.  In other words there are a lot of book related communities. Here are a few more.   -- Interesting but small site. The Book Rabbit is a United Kingdom book site. 

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