Friday, August 13, 2010

Daily Thoughts 8/13/2010 ( Paperbacks )

The Fair Maid of Perth This sculpture by Graham Ibbeson sits at the east end of the pedestrianised High Street. It refers to the novel of the same name by Sir Walter Scott, although the maid herself seems to have lost interest in her book.10 August 2007, Lis Burke Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0

Daily Thoughts 8/13/2010

Today has been a quiet day.  I mainly worked on checking the paperbacks to see that they are in their proper place.  I picked out a few books to change location for mass market and trade paperback fiction, african american fication, romance, urban fiction, mystery, and science fiction titles.  I also read a variety of reviews.

This is very interesting.  It is a picture of the $35 tablet from India, they are aiming to bring the price down to $10 with open source software.

I checked out two books today, Fundraising When Money Is Tight by Mal Warwick and How To Write A Business Plan 9th Edition by Mike McKeever, published by Nolo Press.  I also checked out the dvd for the book Iron Yoga Combine Yoga and Strength Training For Weight Loss and Total Body Fitness and the dvd Fuel Change Your Fuel.... Change Your World.  This documentary won the Sundance Best Documentary Audience Award and is also a New York Times Critics Pick.

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