Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daily Thoughts 8/29/2010 (The Facebook Era, The Oxford English Dictionary )

Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) studying the cycloid, engraved on the tablet he is holding in his left hand; the scattered papers at his feet are his Pensées, the open book his Lettres provinciales. Exhibited at the Salon of 1785; the plaster model was exhibited at the Salon of 1781, Louvre, PublicDomain, From Wikimedia  
Daily Thoughts 8/29/2010

I read another chapter in the Facebook Era by Clara Shih.  She was writing about social media as a recruiting tool for business.  Businesses are looking for candidates through Facebook, Linkedin, Ryze, and other networks.  If you are a recruiter who is interested in the social media side of recruiting, there is  Electronic Recruiting Exchange network which has a very nice set of articles on the subject.  They also have a national conference every year.  I still get invites to it, even though I haven't been in recruiting for many years.

I think I might be working on some bookmarks and a flyer next week for small business books.  We are having a five session long program on entrepreneurship in September presented by the Womens Enterprise Development Center, the mayor is doing a small business expo part of it is going to be held at the library, and we have been purchasing quite a bit of material on small business lately.  Plus it coincides with my own interests.

I added some more book reviews from August 2009 to my book review list. This is a steady long term project.

The Oxford English Dictionary is moving online only.  The last time I used this was to find the etymology of some words for someone.  It is not very practical for modern usage.  I can understand why it is going online.  Still, I think it should be available through print on demand for a considerable fee if someone wants it. 

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