Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Thoughts 03/11/2012

Library Chair, Reading Table, and Reading Desk (Royal MS. 15D iii.) from Charles Knight, Old England: A Pictorial Museum

Daily Thoughts 03/11/2012

I finished taking the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship online from General  It was very interesting.  I think I learned quite a bit.  I learnned the basics of how an income statement is put together, the difference between limited liability companies and corporations, and about the process of fundraising for a tech startup from someone who had successfully done it.  The classes were well worth doing.  I'll probably be going back to go over some of the ideas more closely.

This afternoon, I checked the Twitter and Facebook pages for the library. and placed an e-book on reserve
Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom by Rebecca MacKinnon.

I found a few more companies that are social reading oriented.  There is Bookrix and Bookrabbit both out of the
 United Kingdom.  I spent a little bit of time looking at companies listed in the Bookcalendar Twitter account  There are a few more companies there as well including Daily Lit, BEA Bloggers
which is the new name for the Book Bloggers Convention, Coverspy, Third Iron, Weread, Scribd, and Vook.

This adds to the existing companies which I am aware of including Findings, Shelfari, Goodreads, Librarything,
Flatleaf, Netgalley, Red Lemonade, Open Margin, Subtext, Book Lamp, Bibliocrunch, Bookiejar, Wattpad,Bookish,
and 24 Symbols.

Free Comic Book Day is on May 5, 2012

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